Thank you!

I’ve been having nightmares recently, and I know they hardly ever come true, but my nightmares are about past events. One event in particular… The night my disgusting ex-boyfriend held me up against the wall by my throat. I hate having to relive it through my dreams, it’s genuinely so painful.

Enough about the dark writing… and more importantly…

I feel absolutely ecstatic about the fact I have a following! Even though it’s only a small group of people, it really makes me feel incredible that people are genuinely interested!

I know my posts have been a bit sparse at the moment… I’ve just been so busy with uni work and life in general! I cannot believe how its November already though, it’s actually crazy how fast time has gone! But now November is here it’s nearly Christmas, and I’m SO EXCITED!!!!

I’ve started my Christmas shopping so late this year, last year I was finished in October! How bloody crazy! But this my first Christmas living in my OWN home! No more Christmas at my parents… this year i’m hosting Christmas day! It’s so crazy how you grow up so quick, but also very exciting at the same time.

Yeah so this post is a bit all over the place, and i’m sorry for that! I’m going to start getting back to posting daily once i have my assignments all finished!

See you on the next post,





A haircut has drastically changed my mood…

I woke up this morning miserable, drowsy and unmotivated. I suppose that i wake up feeling like that most days.

After feeling super down yesterday i decided to go and do something that would (hopefully) benefit that mood of mine. I’ve been feeling super down about myself recently, and i swear i look awful every single day! I thought to myself… what can i do which may hopefully sort out my appearance. I decided to go for the chop!

My hair yesterday went down past my waist, it was long, blonde and vibrant, but at the ends… dead! I swear that my hair made my look fat and ugly, people say “no you look great” but, in my eyes that is bullcrap!

Now my hair goes just above my boobs and you know what… I feel absolutely amazing! Instantly after i saw myself with my new hair my mood flew up. I genuinely cannot believe how a little change such as a haircut can change everything!

`I feel motivated and happy, i’m ecstatic actually! I’m going to sit on the sofa with a glass of Rosé and do some planning for my assignments!

Please leave comments below if you wish, I love to talk to you all!



No posts recently…

I’ve been feeling so stressed and under pressure recently. I constantly been feeling the same old emotions over and over again: Sad, lonely, depressed…

Everything has been getting to me recently. I just had my first exam this year and let me tell you that bloody dreaded thing took the living out of me. I was so worried, stressed and moody all the time, thinking about the test made me want to run away and hide. But i’m glad to say i aced it!

My last post i was talking about my boring old routine which i spoke to my mum about. I told her that i hated the same thing day in day out, but i couldn’t see myself not doing it. Don’t get me wrong i wanna take every opportunity that comes my way, but sometimes i just like being under the security of the routine. I suppose the big wide world is just too scary for me at the moment.

I’ve been feeling so down again, and i’ve just sat and binged watched The vampire diaries. I’m not proud, but i am addicted, and i can’t help it. I know it’s not a healthy lifestyle, and i know i should try and exercise or talk to people when i feel upset. Me personally, well… i just prefer to be alone.

One thing that I’m sure of though is that i won’t let myself leave the blog alone for too long again. I know this is something that really does help me, and i enjoy getting all of these emotions out. The best thing is that my (you) my readers don’t judge me. Well even if you do judge me its not like you know who i am. Another reason i like blogging anonymously… security.

I could write forever tonight, but unfortunately i have The vampire diaries waiting for me.



Clearing my head.

My mind has been all over the place recently… I’m feeling weak, damaged and upset constantly. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on the smallest of tasks. I decided to take a few days off of social media platforms and it’s helped. Sometimes it’s just necessary to shut the outside world off, and to start focusing on more important things.

Don’t get me wrong… I am OBSESSED with social media and the internet. I cannot keep off it, but when i feel like absolute crap i hate being behind the screen. I’m glad i took this break though because it has give me time to think about what i really want from my life.

I’ve started to question this boring routine i’m currently stuck in. I get up, go to university, come home and make dinner and then do housework. I’m 20, 20 years old! What sort of life is that? I want more out of life than being a bloody ‘house wife’ when i’m barely an adult!

So i decided to clear my head. I stripped my life down into little pieces – what is important and what is missing! It’s been an important step for me and i’m glad that i’ve started focusing on more important things.

I’ve also been feeling very lonely. I’m sick of being home by myself all the time. My other half works a ridiculous amount of hours and its killing me. To be quite honest i’m not sure whether i’m actually too happy at the moment, i’m taking each day as it comes… I just feel guilty all the time.

Sorry for the late night post, I’ll check back in properly tomorrow.



I can’t stop crying.

“Crying is weak, stop being pathetic Alice”. I don’t know how many times i heard those words. Is crying pathetic, i wouldn’t know as my antidepressants stop all tears from leaving my eyes. Maybe its a good thing… crying is ‘weak’ right?

Its a short post tonight due to the tears i am currently experiencing, but writing really does help. Getting all of those emotions out helps me to understand what i want and need to feel okay. It may sound weird to you, but we all deal in different ways i suppose.

Do you ever just sit starting into nothingness, hoping you’ll find a purpose? I do. I wonder if i was made to be this ‘stupid depressed woman’, is it my only purpose…

I don’t know where my life is going at the moment… one minute everything is great… but the next i want life to end. I hate saying it – i sound so selfish.

I feel as if life has got too much again. I usually spend most of my evenings unable to cry, but wanting to, and tonight they’re flooding out.

Down days.

There has been so many times over the past four years when i just felt ‘crap’. I’d find myself wanting life to end. The easiest things for some people suddenly came impossible for me… The worst one  (& the most rank) was definitely having no motivation to shower.   I hate saying that my life back then sucked… well it kinda did…

I do sometimes wonder if i would have spoken to someone sooner & sorted my ‘shit’ out i would be well… ‘normal’.

So, you may be reading this cause you’re having a day when you feel a little ‘poo’, or you just wanted a little read. Either way i hope this will be full of advice for you.

Writing. Writing is absolutely amazing, it helps to get the brain working and it also helps you to get all of those deep embedded emotions out. Start small, write in a diary… it doesn’t even have to be about how you feel. Write a poem, a little story.

One of the many reasons for starting this blog was to help get out those deep emotions. Many of us have them, we all have something to hide… theres no doubt about it.

But I’m finally sorting my ‘shit’ out and i can tell you now this blog is really helping! I’ve found a new love, a new passion. I was having one of those typical ‘down days’ but right now i’m writing this blog and i feel good, i feel happy!

So one tiny step- such as writing this blog, it has really changed me, changed me for the better.

So if you’re feeling down all it takes is one step, yes, it’s easier said than done but trust me it will be worth it.





22nd October.

I still wonder how everything was ‘my fault’ and how I would face consequences for anything that I done, that you didn’t like. I still can’t quite understand why you’d lie to others and make out that i was the one with the problem. I now find it amusing that you punched yourself in the face and told your friends and your mum that i did it! You even embeded it so far into my head that i nearly believed i did it myself. But I’m better than that, better than you will ever be.

I’m lying here in my bed unable to sleep due to the whirlwind of thoughts going through my head. I’m finding life weird today, i hate you so much and hate how you ruined me. But today i can’t help think of the little young girl: that 7 years ago on this date got into that toxic relationship with you.

I’m happy now though, i have a great life. I’m studying for a degree in a topic that i adore. I have the most loving partner i could ever wish for and a great support network around me. It angers me that this one date will forever be ruined in my life. I hate having to explain why i feel ‘shit’ on the 22nd of October each year, i hope i won’t always feel that way.

I’m learning to accept that this date is a part of me and always will be. I wouldn’t be that strong, motivated woman i am now without this day of haunts.

But for now I’ll just have to wait another 40 odd minutes until this day is over. I wonder if i’ll be able to live through the wait.



Was it love?

I felt as if my whole life was completed. Meeting someone at such a young age was something I always wanted. I wanted to be that girl in year 9 with the older boyfriend! Of course it started off lovely, we was both inexperienced and didn’t really know how relationships worked. But things slowly started to turn sour, they always do.

Being young and naive are two major factors into my story. I constantly ask myself “If I was older, more experienced and knowledgeable: would I still be the same broken woman I am today?” But the problem is: who really knows? Because i certainly don’t!

At the time I didn’t really understand or recognise that this was emotional abuse. I was unaware that the behaviour that was inflicted upon me was wrong. I suppose I just got
used to the fact that I was always ‘wrong’ and it was constantly ‘my fault’.

I don’t want to reveal too much detail in the early days of this blog. Because even now 2 years on from the court case it still feels raw. I want my readers to feel the journey I’ve been through, i want people who are going through the same thing to recognise the signs. But most of all… I want to offer help to those in need.






How it all started

I was 13 years old, I met someone who was older than me… not by much but just a couple of years. I was young naive and i thought i knew what love was but how can you ever know at 13? I was a little girl who thought she was a woman and i forever regret not letting myself be a child for longer. 

Throughout my page I hope I can give an understand of my story. I hope you as readers will be able to understand how emotionally abusive relationships affect not only the victim but everyone else around them too. Whether you’re the person suffering yourself or someone who can see the suffering… this should help you to understand that you’re not alone.

Each post i will write a snippet of my story followed by advice and tips you can use if you are going through a similar situation. Unfortuantely i still suffer with anxiety which may explain the reason for posting as ‘anon’.

Look after yourselves lovelies